White truffle

White truffle

The white truffle or “tuber magnatum pico” is better known as the white truffle of Alba and undoubtedly represents the most prized variety from a culinary point of view, but also in terms of price. This truffle is characterised by a white or greyish yellow gleba with few white veins and its surface is smooth, with an ochre, olive yellow or greenish grey colour.

Where it is found

Considered the truffle par excellence, the white truffle is the most sought-after and is considered by chefs, enthusiasts and connoisseurs as the king of the kitchen. Also called “white of Alba” due to the fact that it is most widespread in that area, the truffle is also present in the territory of Savigno and grows only in Italy, Istria and Slovenia. The period of ripening ranges from September to December and the main areas are Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Marche and Molise.


Tips for use in the kitchen

Those who have tasted it surely remember how the aroma of the white truffle is intense but pleasant, with a faint hint of garlic. It should be enjoyed raw, cut into very thin slices with a truffle slicer directly on the plate. Due to its intense flavour, it is advisable not to use it with rather complex dishes, herbs or blue cheeses.

White truffle hunting

As mentioned, the white truffle is harvested from mid-September to the end of December and the favourite area of the “trifolau” (truffle hunters) with their dogs is the Langhe and Roero, where it is found in abundance. Few people know that truffle hunting takes place mainly at night, when dogs are less distracted and whose noses locate the hidden treasure, which is then dug up by the hunter using a special hoe.

White truffles in the kitchen

Chefs and connoisseurs know full well that cooking is an issue for retaining the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the truffle, since it alters the flavour and aromas. However, in the case of truffles, using them raw or cooked depends on the variety. The golden rule is that the white truffle should only be eaten raw, while black truffles can be cooked, without overdoing it.

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