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Short history of the truffle

The truffle is a tuber known since ancient times and the first written references date back to the 1st century AD by Pliny the Elder, in Naturalis Historia, who claimed that the truffle, which he defined as tuber, was a true miracle of nature, given its ability to be born and grow without roots. From the same century comes the idea of the Greek philosopher Plutarch of Chaeronea claiming that this precious food grows from the combined action of water, heat and lightning. The aura of charm and mystery that accompanies the history of the truffle is clear to see, a product that we at Just Tartufo carefully select to offer you the ideal accompaniment to your dishes, both at home and in the restaurant.

Where truffle grow

Those who hunt for and harvest truffles know that this tuber forms and grows on the edge of woods, in clearings and on the edges of country roads. It is actually a plant that grows in symbiosis with trees, forming at a depth of 10-20 cm. Truffles prefer cool humid soils, marl-calcareous in nature and they are easiest to find at about 700 metres above sea level. They grow in areas that are flat or sloping, often wet by rain and near waterways. Truffles also grow in valley floors, in rather wet but well-draining soils.

Truffle hunting

Before being processed by Just Tartufo and reaching your tables, a long and tricky hunt is first needed. In the past, truffle hunters used dogs and pigs, however they stopped using pigs at the beginning of the century. The best truffle dogs are, of course, hunting dogs, with a keen sense of smell, which then receive expert training. Training a truffle dog is a genuine rite, with the hunter and dog forging a close friendship and the dogs achieving high levels of obedience. Truffle hunting is a fun game for the dog and offers great satisfaction for the hunter, way beyond the monetary value of the truffle itself.

Use of truffles

Truffles grow all year round and there are different types, which you can buy from Just Tartufo depending on the hunting season. In particular we find the black summer truffle, the Burgundy truffle, the white truffle, the Périgord truffle and the bianchetto (whitish) truffle, each with their own unmistakable flavour and aroma. All varieties of truffle allow you to create unique dishes. Before being used, they must be washed carefully and then sliced with the truffle slicer directly on the plate. There are also many recipes in which the truffle is the star, both at home and in the restaurant, thus confirming the delicacy and versatility of this tuber.


Black TruffleEnglish

Tagliatelle with black truffle in summer

  Difficulty: Easy   Prep time: 15min   Serves: 4 Ingredients 15 gr black truffle summer (available on Just Tartufo)   250 gr  fresh pasta (tagliatelle)   75 gr butter   parmesan cheese   salt DirectionsPreparing summer black truffle tagliatelle is quick and easy....

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White truffleEnglish

Risotto with white truffle

  Difficulty: Easy   Prep time: 25min   Serves: 4 Ingredients 15 gr white truffle (available on Just Tartufo)   250 gr  rice   olive oil   pepper   parmesan Cheese   beef broth DirectionsTo prepare the white truffle risotto, first prepare a good meat broth....

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Black TruffleEnglish

Fillet of beef with black truffle

  Difficulty: Medium   Prep time: 25min   Serves: 4 Ingredients 15 gr black truffle (available on Just Tartufo)   4 Beef fillet medallions (at least 3 cm thick)   olive oil   pepper   salt   thyme   butter   cornstarch   cognac   beef broth DirectionsThis quick and...

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White truffleEnglish

Gnocchi with truffles

  Difficulty: Easy   Prep time: 15min   Serves: 2 Ingredients 15 gr white or black truffle (available on Just Tartufo)   200 gr  fresh gnocchi   100 gr  taleggio cheese   50ml milk   salt DirectionsTruffle gnocchi are a great way to taste truffles, enhancing their...

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