Black summer truffle

Black summer truffle

Just Tartufo’s array of products includes the black summer truffle, which to non-connoisseurs may look similar to the Périgord truffle, even if its flavour is not as revered. In order to recognise the black summer truffle it is important to analyse some typical characteristics of this tuber.

When the truffle is young it has a reddish peridium (outer skin), but this tends to get darker over time and is covered with pyramidal warts.

The gleba (flesh) varies in colour from hazelnut to dirty yellow and is furrowed by rather branched whitish veins.

Black summer truffles also differ in size to Périgord truffles and substantial examples can be found.

Characteristics of the black summer truffle

The summer truffle grows in sandy and clayey soils and lives in symbiosis with trees such as oak, beech, hornbeam, hazel, holm oak and pine. This variety of truffle is characterised by a delicate and pleasant aroma, which is less strong than that of the classic truffle and is slightly mushroom-like. It is rich on the palate, but not too intense and is very reminiscent of porcini mushrooms thereby making it highly esteemed. In the kitchen, the summer truffle is used to prepare sauces and cured meat and sausages. Much appreciated by truffle lovers, it can be found for sale as it is and as a basic ingredient for preparing truffle butter and creams.

Harvesting period of the black summer truffle

This variety of truffle can only be harvested when the tuber has reached the right level of ripeness. Summer truffle experts know very well that unripe truffles have no flavour whatsoever. In general, the black summer truffle ripens – as the name implies – in the summer and is harvested between late May and early September. In order to grow, the summer truffle prefers soils ranging from sandy to clayey, but requires aeration and well-draining soil. Unlike the better known and prized Périgord truffle, the black summer truffle is extremely tolerant of drought. For this reason the best specimens are harvested in the months of August and September.

How to preserve the black summer truffle

Just Tartufo specialises in the sale of black summer truffles, but above all knows the most suitable preservation techniques to keep the taste and organoleptic characteristics of this easily perishable tuber. If it is not possible to enjoy it fresh, given that it is a delicate and easily perishable food, we recommend preserving it in oil or preparing a sauce by adding olive oil, salt and pepper to the minced black truffle until you get a uniform mixture. This truffle can also be stored in the freezer and in this case, in order not to lose its distinctive aroma, we recommend vacuum-packing it using a specific machine that removes all the air from the bag.

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