Bianchetto truffle

Bianchetto truffle

The bianchetto truffle or “tuber albidum pico” is a less prized and more affordable variety of truffle than the traditional white truffle. Widely known as Marzuolo , it is characterised by a strong and spicy aroma, but in many preparations it is the ideal solution for those looking for a delicious but affordable alternative to the classic white truffle.

Characteristics of the bianchetto truffle

Non-connoisseurs can mix up white and bianchetto truffles, since they have similar characteristics. One way of telling them apart is focusing on the smell they emanate since that of the bianchetto is soft, pleasant and, when ripe, takes on a garlicky note, very different from the delicate balance of the aroma of the white truffle.


Where the bianchetto truffle grows

This variety of truffle is most commonly found in Tuscany, Marche and Romagna. In particular, the bianchetto truffle grows in coniferous and broad-leaved woods in symbiosis with pine, beech or oak. The terrain varies, from clayey limestone to sandy-silty and in summer it can also be found in very dry soils.


Harvesting the bianchetto truffle

This truffle is harvested from January to March and the lagotto romagnolo is the top truffle dog bread due to its keen sense of smell, agility and speed. The bianchetto has smooth bumps to the touch and a darker colour than the white truffle, ranging from dark gold to light brown. It is also a small truffle, ranging from the size of a hazelnut to that of a hen’s egg.

Using bianchetto truffles in the kitchen

The bianchetto truffle is perfect for those who love intense aromas, given the pleasant, pungent and slightly spicy and garlicky scent. Due to its characteristics it is perfect for croutons, bruschetta, but also eggs, pasta and risotto dishes and soups. It also goes well with dishes based on butter and cheese and with pasta, especially tagliatelle with truffles. The only advice is to not subject it to prolonged cooking so as not to ruin its aroma.

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