Difficulty: Easy

  Prep time: 25min

  Serves: 4


15 gr white truffle (available on Just Tartufo)

  250 gr  rice

  olive oil


  parmesan Cheese

  beef broth


To prepare the white truffle risotto, first prepare a good meat broth. Separately, pour and heat some olive oil in a pan, adding the rice to be toasted over medium heat for a few minutes. As the rice cooks, add the meat broth one ladle at a time and continue for 18-20 minutes until completely cooked.

Once the risotto is ready, turn off the heat and stir in the butter, adding the grated Parmesan cheese and flavoring everything with pepper. Mix carefully and let it rest. Meanwhile, cut the white truffle into flakes with the special truffle cutter and decorate the dish.