Difficulty: Medium

  Prep time: 25min

  Serves: 4


15 gr black truffle (available on Just Tartufo)

  4 Beef fillet medallions (at least 3 cm thick)

  olive oil







  beef broth


This quick and appetizing main course is prepared by tying four medallions of beef tenderloin with kitchen string to prevent them from losing their shape during cooking. The medallions are browned in a pan with a knob of clarified butter for about two minutes and cooked a few moments along the edges, while salt and pepper are added at the end. When cooked, you can transfer the medallions to a plate and remove the string.

Now sprinkle the pan with corn starch, removing the cooking fat and put it on the stove to toast the starch, pouring a glass of Cognac and giving it a good flame. This is the time to also add the sliced ​​black truffle according to the desired quantity and sprinkle with a ladle of broth.

Wait 2-3 minutes for the solution to reduce to perfume with a couple of sprigs of thyme and, finally, add 20 grams of butter just removed from the refrigerator, stirring gently. Now it’s time to put the beef fillet back into the pan, allowing it to flavor for less than 1 ‘and then turning off the heat to bring the medallions to the table hot.